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In last 40 years of fast paced Indian economic boom to catch up with population growth the Hybrids have replaced indigenous varieties to major extent across India, resulting in large scale usage of Chemical & fertilizers to match nutrient requirements of the crops. This unchecked unplanned usage has resulted in loss of Taste, Flavour and Nutrient profile of the crop produce. There is an evident change in taste and flavour of almost all major pulses & cereals which we gathered from the large-scale consumer research. Further processing of any original crop produce also reduces nutrient value, this is evident from extensive studies on micronutrient deficiencies in the population particularly zinc and iron impacting immunity levels, and rise of   food supplements (nutraceuticals) is a living proof to it.

On farmer front due to low productivity and poor price realization farmers are motivated to change their age-old farming systems and furthermore inefficient Agri value chain makes consumer pay more, resulting in low farmer share in consumer rupee spent.

In India 90% farmers are small and marginal with less than a Hectare land holding and they cannot afford to go for high commercial cultivation while normally big farmers are resource rich and they have capacity to invest in commercial farming (using High yielding varieties and advance farming practices) thereby reducing unit cost of cultivation.When crop produce reaches market and prices are determined by demand and supply factors largely bigger farmers take advantage of price as their unit cost of cultivation is less and even though on quality front produce of marginal farmer is much superior however he is not in position to demand higher price (variety, natural farming methods etc.)

In our model we integrate small and marginal farmers (organized under various groups / FPO) as they are already cultivating native varieties with traditional farming system and by providing them market linkages through our Agtech platform we are facilitating in realizing better returns and share in consumer spend. Further govt programs for promoting   small farmers through FPO is helping us to consolidate production in different geographies and our portal is helping to integrate and bringing them nearer to consumer.

 As Simply naturals our endeavour is to strengthen age old sustainable farming system and crop rotations to conserve indigenous varieties, soil and environmental health, and reduce non value adding intermediaries in Agri value chain.  Providing Taste, Flavour & Nutrition to consumer and better price realization to the farmers and thereby encouraging farmers to continue with Heritage traditional native varieties and improved sustainable farming practices and their livelihood. 

Major Points:

=> Unique Taste & Flavour
=> Consistent Quality 
=> Minimally Processed
=> Naturally grown (GI / Origin)
=> Free from GMO (Genetically Modified Food) 
=> Improve immunity 
=> Reduced Pesticide Exposure
=> Organic by Trust
=> Sustainability ,climate smart and nutrition senitive farming
=> Cost effective for consumers
=> Empowering small & marginal farmers more so rural women