our dedicated services

Accounts Payable


VHD Services

  • Receipting of Invoices Verification of Invoices (Primary)
  • Coordination for PO amendment
  • Scanning of Invoices
  • Entry in WFM
  • Rejection Resolving (User level)
  • Vendor Query Management
  • Ticketing Mechanism
  • Vendor Communication Point

AP Transaction Processing

  • Verification of Invoices (Secondary) – Processing Checks
  • Entry in SAP / Oracle (Parking) - 2/3way matching
  • Validation of Invoices (Posting)
  • TDS/WCT attachments
  • Payment run for all type of invoices in the ERP system
  • Cheque Printing/Cheque Dispatch


  • Vendor Account Reconciliation
  • Employee Account Reconciliation
  • Bank Reconciliation Statement

Month Close Reporting & Controllership

  • Preparation of month end schedules
  • Reconciliation between sub ledger and ledger
  • De-Duplication audits
  • Preparation of month end accruals/prepaid expenses charge off
  • Inter Company and inter circle reconciliation
  • Reporting Packs
  • Audit support as & when required

Records Management

  • Management of Hard Copies of Invoices (Pre Approval)
  • Management of Hard Copies of Invoices (Post Approval)

Accounts Receivable


Billing to Customer

  • Receipting of Input through OM Module or Manual
  • Verification of Manual Input
  • Application of relevant taxes in Invoices
  • Raising bill on Customer
  • Debit / Credit Note generation
  • Printing of Bills
  • Dispatch of bills
  • Acknowledgement from Customer

Invoice Entry

  • Running of Auto Invoice Program
  • Entry of Manual Sales Invoices
  • Entry of Debit and Credit Notes

Collection Entry

  • Collection entry of Cheque / DD / RTGS/ Fund Transfer
  • Advance / On account collection
  • Reversal of collection entry on Cheque return
  • Entry of TDS Certificates received
  • Invoice application against fund received


  • Receipt of SOA from Customer
  • Customer Account Reconciliations

GL Accounting & Reporting

  • Maintain Books of Account as per Country specific GAAP
  • Bank Account reconciliation on monthly basis
  • Monthly expense accruals working and booking in Books of Account
  • Reconciliation of Books of Account on monthly basis
  • Preparation of Monthly Balance Sheet Schedules
  • Providing monthly Profit and loss account.
  • Coordination with Auditors (Internal, Statutory etc.) once per year
  • MIS and Reporting as per requirement of Management on periodical basis

FA Capitalization


  • Creation of location Ids in sync with client
  • CWIP (Capital work-in-progress) analysis to initiate capitalization process
  • Provisional Capitalization (in cases where information is not available in SAP)
  • Capitalization process for a particular month would be completed on a pre-decided date in subsequent month
  • Inter circle asset transfer activity based on receipt of information


  • Circle wise detail of different assets capitalized during a particular month and amount capitalized on pre-decided date
  • Break-up of different assets lying in CWIP at the end of a particular month on a pre-decided date
  • CWIP Ageing Report on monthly basis
  • Quarterly assets transferred in/transferred out report with updated Gross Block and Accumulated Depreciation
  • Fixed Assets Register (FAR)
  • Depreciation schedule
  • FA reporting